Redragon Lamia2 H320RGB-1 RGB Wired Gaming Headset
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Redragon Lamia2 H320RGB-1 RGB Wired Gaming Headset

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With pleasant 7.1 sound, this headset strikes an excellent balance as a gaming and music listening device. In keeping with Redragon's signature style, an RGB illuminated ring completes the Lamia's beautiful aesthetic.


This 7.1 sound earphone with USB plug, guarantees the best sound quality in our 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets, ideal in the construction of sound peripherals.


Integrated in the structure of the cups, built on a flexible arm and with 360 ° reception, they provide us with an efficient and practically unbreakable microphone for the best gaming experience and any function that requires it.


With its ABS plastic structure, practically indestructible incorporated metal headband, added to its self-adjusting headband and its circumaural coating, which covers the entire surface of the ears, with a soft touch and passive acoustic isolation, they ensure the functionality of our peripheral.

It also has a 2 meter long rubberized cable, highly resistant. An aesthetic detail of the best quality is the red backlighting incorporated on the sides of the headset, highlighting the Redragon logo.


An RGB-lit ring with a rotating effect adorns the Lamia's cups to give it the typical flair of Redragon gaming peripherals.


We want you to have your setup organized, that's why we include a stand so you can keep your Lamia within reach and in a place that it deserves together with your peripherals.


- Output type: 7.1 Virtual
- Cup type: Circumaural: This type of headphones is placed completely surrounding the ear. Soft touch and passive isolation
- Headband Material: Metallic, flexible. Integrated into the structure
- Vibration: No
- Frequency Response: 20 - 20k Hz
- Impedance: 32 Ohm
- Diaphragm diameter: 40 mm with neodymium magnets
- Sensitivity: 117 dB
- Backlight: RGB ring
- Cable type: 2 m High resistance rubberized.
- Connectors: USB 2.0 connector
- Weight: 360 g
- Software: Yes (in downloads section)


- Impedance: 2.2k Ohm
- Sensitivity: -40 dB +/- 3 dB
- Microphone and pickup type: Omnidirectional, Flexible, Integrated into the cup
- Extras:

 Universal Headphone Holder