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All prices are including VAT - جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة
All prices are including VAT - جميع الأسعار شاملة الضريبة

Logitech Slim Combo Keyboard/Cover for iPad Gen 5/6

379.00 SR


1. Insert iPad into iPad holder, and press down until it clicks into place. Make sure the camera and microphone match up to the openings on the iPad holder.

2. If you have a stylus or digital pencil, slide it into the holder on the side of the case.


To pair your keyboard case with your iPad:

1. Switch on the power button. If the LED status light is red, charge the keyboard.

2. On your iPad, make sure Bluetooth® is on. – Select Settings > Bluetooth > On.– Select “iPad” from the Devices menu.

3. Press the Bluetooth® connect button on the keyboard for 2 seconds until the status light blinks. The keyboard is discover-able for 3 minutes.

4. If your iPad requests a PIN, enter it using the keyboard (not on the iPad), then press ENTER.

5. When a successful connection is made, the status light stays on for a short time, then turns on.


1. Typing mode: Pull out the stand on the back of the iPad holder to the desired angle. Attach the keyboard, and place the iPad case on a flat surface to start typing.

2. Viewing mode: Detach the keyboard. Pull out the stand on the back of the iPad holder to the desired angle.

3. Reading mode: Detach the keyboard. Close the stand on the back of the iPad holder, and hold in portrait orientation for the optimum reading position.

4. Studio mode: Detach the keyboard. Pull out the stand on the back of the iPad holder until the iPad is in a comfortable drawing position.


1. To detach your iPad from the case, lay it on a at surface.

2. Press down on one corner of the iPad holder to release one side of the iPad; repeat on the opposite corner.

3. Lift the iPad from the bottom to release it from the case.


Blinking green: Battery is charging

Solid green: Battery is fully charged (100%)

Red: Battery level is low (less than 10%), recharge the battery.

Blinking white; Fast: Keyboard is in discovery mode, ready for pairing. Slow: Keyboard is trying to reconnect to iPad.

Solid white: Bluetooth pairing or re-connection is successful.


If the status light is red, the keyboard folio battery needs to be charged.

1. Plug one end of the micro-USB cable into the charging port and the other end into a USB port on your computer.Alternatively, you can use a USB charger, provided the power output rating is no more than 5V-500mA. The status light blinks green as the battery charges.

2. Charge the battery until the status light turns solid green.


1. Pry o€ top cover of keyboard with screwdriver.

2. Detach battery from circuit board and remove battery.

3. Dispose of your product and battery according to local laws.


• A fully charged battery provides about 3 months of use when the keyboard is used about two hours a day.

• Charge the battery if the status light turns red briely after the keyboard turns on.

• When not in use, turn o€ the keyboard to conserve battery power.

• The keyboard enters sleep mode automatically if not used for a while in the typing position. Press any key to wake it.