Cyber Clean High-Tech Cleaning Compound for Home & Office Electronics - 80g
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Cyber Clean High-Tech Cleaning Compound for Home & Office Electronics - 80g

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- The original Cyber Clean — Swiss and patented formula
- Eliminates 99.999 percent of germs
- High-tech cleaning compound
- Absorbs dirt and dust in tight cavities
- Refreshing scent
- Simple and efficient, just press it on and the dirt is gone
- Laboratory-tested
- Non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable
- Deep gaps and grooves become hygienically clean and germs are eradicated
- Protects you and your family from these harmful microorganisms
- Extends the useful life of your appliances
- Perfect for cleaning keyboards, electronic devices, computers, smartphones and appliances
- Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in a dry place
- Warning: keep away from children and pets; do not ingest
- Do not rub, just press
- Use with dry hands

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ان كان الجواب نعم .. فإليك الحل ..

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