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The California company Razer Inc is well known to e-sportsmen and just lovers of computer games. It was founded in 1998 and initially specialised in the production of only computer mice. In 1999, the first Boomslang model was introduced, which later became highly famous. 2006 saw the appearance of the DeathAdder series. As a result, the mice included in it have become one of the most popular and sold in the world.

Razer Products

Gradually, the company stopped exclusively dealing with mice. The range of products was supplemented with gaming keyboards, razer headsets, mouse pads, gaming manipulators for computers and consoles, microphones, webcams and audio speakers. Then it was decided not to be limited only to accessories, and the company entered new markets, presenting in 2013 a line of Blade gaming laptops. And in 2017, the Razer Phone appeared, an Android smartphone aimed at gamers.

The company is also working on the development of special gaming utilities, experimenting with various devices. Razer has worked closely with renowned esports athletes to create all of these products. You can buy a razer keyboard, razer mouse and razer controller at the machinesThermaltakebest prices in Saudi Arabia from our store.