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Our online store offers a large selection of gaming headsets and gaming headphones with a microphone from world famous brands. In the catalog you will find all the necessary information about the model you like, its photographs, as well as reviews from other buyers. 

For a good game, high-quality sound is just as important as graphics. In order to fully reveal the sound of all the effects and music, special pc headsets are needed. Powerful monitors with wide frequency response and close-fitting ear cushions can greatly enhance the immersive experience. Ergonomics also play an important role in these devices, since virtual battles can drag on for a long time, and uncomfortable, hot, heavy gaming headphones can cause discomfort and affect esports results.

Gaming headphones are designed for gamers. Unlike many conventional game headphones , they provide a particularly high sound quality. Many devices come with an external sound card that provides surround sound and makes it easier to navigate the virtual world.

Characteristic of our Best gaming headphones:

  • well-thought-out ergonomics, which allows them not to be removed for many hours;
  • some models have a backlight;
  • the ability to communicate with teammates - headphones with a microphone allow you to discuss plans, give orders, ask for advice.