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Gaming Monitors for Gamers

Gaming monitors are considered to be optimal for games. Of course, these are not necessarily devices specially designed for such an application (although some); however, all expensive and cheap gaming monitors have several features that gamers will surely appreciate. Firstly, the screen resolution in such models is no lower than Full HD. Secondly, the matrices have a short response time - no more than 5 ms, which allows high-quality display of dynamic scenes; and the frame rate often reaches 120 Hz or even more (although there are quite modest values). Thirdly, devices of this type often have special gaming functions  - in particular, most gaming monitors 144 Hz are compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync technologies.

It is worth recalling that the actual quality of the "picture" will greatly depend on the video card; however, it is on a gaming monitor that you can fully unleash the capabilities of a high-end gaming video adapter.