Eureka Ergonomic

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Main Features of Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Smooth and lightweight

Just squeeze the handles and your table will rise slightly. With the patented gas strut mechanism, very little effort is required to reach the desired height. Anyone who uses the Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk cannot deny the smooth and effortless operation that other standing gaming desks cannot offer.

Super silent transition

Eureka uses a patented gas strut mechanism that is vastly superior to the spring-loaded lift mechanism found in other stand-up benchtop transducers. The throttle strut mechanism offers you the quietest experience.

Big square

The upper tier can accommodate up to two monitors. The lower tier has enough room for your laptop or keyboard. In addition, a special groove has been added for your tablet or smartphone!

15 kg weighing capacity

The weight capacity of the benchtop converter and large worktable make the Eureka gaming desk the only choice when upgrading your office space.

The 15 kg weight capacity makes the Eureka Ergonomic desks ideal for mounting up to two 30 "monitors and two 24" monitors.

Infinite adjustment

Unlike other standing gaming tables, Eureka's ergonomic standing gaming tables provide infinite height positioning.

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