DXRacer Gaming Chair ( كرسي ألعاب )

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DXRacer (كرسي ألعاب): Gladiator Series, Air Pro Mesh, Tank Series, Iron Series, Origin Series & DXRacer Footrest

  • The DXRacer Chairs have higher backrest that support the entirety of your spinal column and offer a base with a gas spring that allows you to adjust for varying heights.
  • DXRacer Iron Series are one of the most comfortable series equipped with extra padding and a 4D sliding armrest.
  • The DXRacer Foot Stool lets you enjoy comfort throughout the day allowing you to relax from heavy work or intense gaming at any time.



DXRacer is a well-established gaming chair brand that offers an interesting mix of models that by far the best. The brand reigned as one of the most successful gaming chair brands in the industry. The DXRacer has a pretty wide swing of chair types with plenty of different body heights, shapes, preferences, and weights. This is important because when you purchase a gaming chair you will sit on it for long hours so it is essential to choose the best size for you. These gaming chairs encourage proper sitting posture.

DXRacer Gladiator Series

DXRacer Gladiator Series

The DXRacer Gladiator Series surround you in comfort with its soft leather upholstery that offers an inviting texture. These chairs come with the premium padding that delivers a comfortable seating experience. These chairs feature removable lumbar support and an adjustable headrest that cushion your body while you work.


These chairs are designed with thoughtful details and top-grade materials. These have premium leather that not only supports the contours of your back but also helps breathe while retaining the softness for a low maintenance solution without sacrificing comfort.


The Gladiator Series by DXRacer have ergonomically designed adjustable 4D armrests to better suit your sitting preference while relieving pressure between your arm and elbow with a cushion. These chairs have a 135° fully reclining seatback that makes it easy to adjust the angle of your sitting position. The tilt tension of these chairs is easy to adjust according to your body weight.


Furthermore, DXRacer has engineered PU coating casters for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris. These caters are quiet, edgy, and perfectly smooth that provide the needed mobility.

DXRacer Air Pro Mesh Gaming Chair

DXRacer Air Pro Mesh Gaming Chair

This chair lets you sit comfortably for hours as it features breathable mesh upholstery that holds up to everyday use while keeping you cooler throughout the workday, providing all-day comfort and support. It is made with highly robust memory foam and adjusts to the shape of the neck and adapts to any movement you make, giving perfect neck support and comfort. It comes with ultra-breathable mesh that improves extensive airflow and decreases heat and moisture build-up. It keeps gamers fresh during long intense gaming sessions.

Features & Design

The Air Pro Mesh Gaming Chair by DXRacer has environmentally reinforced mesh, together with exclusive suspension springs that create responsive, lightweight cushioning and extend the durability of the chair. The chair comes with a rail-mounted adjustable lumbar support attached to the rigid steel skeleton. It easily regulates the height independent of the seat back for an extra level of comfort.
The revolutionary modular design of this chair offers modular parts for an elevated and gaming experience. It also features optional chair covers that are exceptionally removable, durable, and machine washable. They come in different fabrics, colors, and styles.

DXRacer Tank Series

DXRacer Tank Series

The DXRacer Tank Series are built to take more weight right from the beginning. These come with dense molded foam padding to best suit your seating preferences. The denser and contoured foam covered in soft PVC leather dissipate pressure points for greater comfort as well as unparalleled support.

4D Armrests

Tank Series have ultra-robust armrests to accommodate people of different sizes. These can be individually adjusted for height and your arms never left partially dangling. The 4D movement provides optimal support for your arms and relieves wrist pressure. Whether you are working or gaming, DXRacer Gaming Chairs provide a perfect angle support from 90° up to 120° suiting all your needs.


Tank Series by DXRacer have an extra-strong metal base that withstand sup to 400lb of dynamic load and smooth-rolling casters which don’t leave scuff marks on the floor. These series are made hold an incredible weight of up to 400 pounds. The tilt mechanism of the chair is custom-designed to handle the extra load exerted on the backrest.

DXRacer Iron Series

DXRacer Iron Series

These series are one of the most comfortable series equipped with extra padding and a 4D sliding armrest. These are bliss during long gaming or working sessions because these have a wide base and a stronger fundament. These series by DXRacer are recommended for those who like a wide, robust, and comfortable chair without compensating the functionality.

Comfort & Support

DXRacer Iron series provides exceptional support for your entire body while maintaining a sleek design. These chairs have headrest and lumbar cushions along with the multifunctional control unit and the 4D armrests. These help you fine-tune your seating experience to fit your personal preferences. These chairs are made with high-density, durable, and cold foam that stays in good shape even after long hours of use.


These have a 150KG load capacity and the recommended height is 160-195 cm. The multifunctional control unit, PU casters, and the adjustable backrest allow you to flawlessly move around and make adjustments on the fly, without getting up from your seat. These chairs feature soft cushioning and a soft surface material. These are made for competitive gamers.

DXRacer Foot Stool

DXRacer Foot Stool

The DXRacer Foot Stool is designed to improve positioning, leg circulation, and height. It also allows relaxing from heavy work or intense gaming at any time as well as relieves the pressure on your legs by providing a comfortable position. It has a pull-out design that makes cleaning and folding easy and convenient. It is particularly designed to handle toggle gently and lift quickly. It has a glass 4 heavy duty gas lift that is certified for durability, safety, and strength. The shape of the DXRacer foot stool is base stamped with a racing tire pattern where you can rest your feet and sit comfortably.

DXRacer Origin Series

DXRacer Origin Series

These are manufactured under strict quality standards to offer the ultimate level of luxury and comfort. These transform your gaming experience by delivering comfort and adjustability that allows you to play for hours without having to worry about body aches or posture. The DXRacer King Series are the best buy in the range of gaming chairs because these are equipped with full-sized steel frame, higher weight and height limit that is suitable to use across a wide range of body types. These have an ergonomic design and high-density padding that is comfortable even when used for long stretches.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs – Overview

All the DXRacer gaming chairs are designed for extended periods of sitting and playing games or working at a desk. Their products also boast an impressive array of features as well as many customization options. DXRacer is one of the most popular gaming chair brands that have built a good reputation for quality chairs. From its entry-level Formula Series to the flagship racing series chairs, the gaming chair brand has something for every gamer.
The DXRacer sliding foam cushion conforms better to your head and relieves more pressure points. It helps to avoid muscle pains and aches. A fully adjustable headrest, open for customization, enables you to own a pillow that matches your style. The gaming chair is engineered with ergonomics in mind. The lumbar support integrated into the backrest is optimized for incredible spinal support through your entire back.
Furthermore, a side-mounted rotary dial, normally found in the seating of premium automobiles, enables the Master chair to be effortlessly adjusted for exceptional comfort. The chair’s lockable synchronic-tilt mechanism ensures joy of a top-notch experience away from discomfort. Just simply unlock the rocking
The DXRacer gaming chairs are most durable, comfortable, and ergonomic; these gaming chairs are worth it. Moreover, these gaming chairs are customizable and adjustable to suit different needs. One can easily adjust the height to an appropriate level according to their body measurements and work desk. Similarly, the armrests can also be adjusted to offer full support for your wrists and elbows, again, depending on your body measurements. A high density shape molding foam is also included that not only ensures your comfort but retains its shape even with long stretches of use.