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DXRacer gaming chairs series in KSA

DXRacer chairs are functional, high quality, look great, and have enough models to meet the needs of any consumer. We will tell you how not to get lost in this variety and make the right choice.

Directions: determining the scope of use of the chair

DXRacer has four directions, divided into the DXRacer King series, which contain many chairs. So, directions:

Gaming chairs (DXRacer gaming)

Chairs for hardcore gamers and streamers. When they say "dxRacer chair," most often, they mean one of the gaming chairs. This direction is divided into several series, which we will talk about a little later.

DXRacer office chairs

Less sport, more comfort, and traditional design. All series of the DXRacer master office direction has the following characteristics: polyurethane foam of increased softness, ergonomics, sharpened for long-term work, high armrests

DXRacer performance chairs

Chairs sharpened for long-term work at the computer.
Console chairs (DXRacer entertainment chairs)
Console people will be happy :) Comfortable, low-slung chairs.

These features are inherent in all Dx Razer series of chairs within the direction. The differences are not always significant but reflect the DXRacer marketers 'perception of their customers' needs. Separately, we will highlight the direction of console chairs: the direction is completely built on the series of another, gaming direction and differs only in a low fit and styling. The very ergonomics of the chairs remained unchanged, so we will not consider the console-oriented dxracer series.