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ASTRO استرو Headsets 

  • ASTRO Gaming Headsets are reliable and sturdy, perform well, and people are mostly more than satisfied with their microphone quality..
  • ASTRO A10 is one of the best budget-friendly gaming headsets with line volume control, a UNI-directional microphone, and flip-to-mute functionality.
  • The ASTRO A50 is one of the best headsets with a wireless design that provides a very low latency connection and doubles as a charging station.

Gaming is becoming more popular than ever and accessories have gotten much cheaper. ASTRO استرو Gaming in particular has made a name for itself by making some of the best gaming headsets in the market hands down. ASTRO ensures its products are comfortable, well-built, and sound well-balanced. These are gaming-oriented headsets and are very popular in the console world. When you are choosing your gaming headset, you should pick the right variant for your preferred platform because most ASTRO headsets are available for PlayStation, Xbox One, or PC.

Gaming Headsets

The best gaming headset would never miss out on a microphone, and you might even need it to give voice commands in the game. A proper noise cancellation feature should be available in the headset to eliminate the surrounding noises and keystroke sounds. In addition to this, comfort is also an important factor that you can never miss out on because if the headsets are not comfortable, you will not be able to play for long hours. So, it is mandatory to choose light gaming headsets so that they are not a burden on your ears.
Gaming Headsets offer crisp, superior, and clear sound over traditional speakers, which is important to be at the top of your game. The gaming headsets deliver accurate highs and deep, rich bass. These come with a built-in microphone that allows you to communicate with your gaming buddies or teammates while playing online. Gaming headsets allow you to make crucial decisions and coordinate strategies, which can be the difference between winning and losing.
A gaming headset gives cushions feature that is pretty beneficial because its soft surface protects your ears and helps you to concentrate on your game. Other than these features, there are several other things that you need to keep in mind, such as whether the gaming headsets are wired or wireless, the durability, and their cost. Considering all these aspects, you can get the best gaming headsets for an immersive and enticing gaming experience.

ASTRO Headsets

ASTRO Headsets are reliable and sturdy. They perform well, and people are mostly more than satisfied with their microphone quality. The cups are very comfortable and you will not feel discomfort while playing games for a few hours.
ASTRO A50 استرو a50 has long stood as one of the favorite wireless gaming headsets. The updated 2019 version improves the design and adds a few useful features. The headset remains an excellent wireless headset that works with your PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.
One of the best ASTRO headsets with a wireless design is the ASTRO A50. It comes with a wireless dock that provides a very low latency connection and doubles as a charging station. The boom microphone has an impressive overall performance and hence, your voice sounds clear and natural, even if you are gaming in a noisy place.
The sound profile of ASTRO 50 is well-balanced along with a bit of extra boom in the bass range that helps bring out sound effects in action-packed games. The headset works with the Astro Command Center software, offering a graphic EQ for sound customization and other features like various noise gate settings for the microphone.


The ASTRO A10 takes your PC gaming experience to a whole new level. It is designed for gamers featuring durable construction and extended comfort to combat fatigue so gamers can play longer with no downtime. It also features 40mm drivers that enable you to hear your game and your teammates with clarity and precision. There is in-line volume control, a Uni-directional microphone, and flip-to-mute functionality giving you total control of your gaming audio experience.

Dynamic Sound & Microphone

The ASTRO A10 provides a dynamic sound range and a crystal-clear unidirectional microphone for playing. It is a plug-and-play model that comes with a minimal setup and a durable frame. This gaming headset is an excellent pick for those who like to hang out in party chat or play some casual matches with friends.

Audio Cable & Jack

It provides a long audio cable and a 3.5mm audio jack for a headset that works across multiple devices and platforms. Although this headset feels heavy after a few hours of use, the breathable ear pads and thick headband cushion keep users cool and focused on the game.

Ironic Sound

The ASTRO A10 استرو a10 gaming headset offers a rich sound experience that elevates the soundscape in your favorite titles. The deep ear cups of the headset provide a fantastic soundstage to deliver positional awareness and a larger sense of scale. There is also a crystal-clear unidirectional microphone offering great chat quality.


It is made with a durable steel headband that has damage resistant rubberized cover with a detachable cable system made to withstand defeat and victory.
The design of the ASTRO A10 has several different things. It looks like a scaled-down version of the ASTRO A50. 

Most Affordable

The ASTRO A10 استرو a10 is the most affordable wired 3.5mm gaming headset with good highs and clear bass, it immerses you in your games. It comes with memory foam ear cushions that keep you from fatigue for those long gaming nights. While this well-built headset has a simple wired design, they have virtually no latency and is compatible with PlayStation and Xbox One, which is great if you like to game on different consoles.

Bass-Heavy Sound

The boom microphone does an excellent job of capturing your voice, even in noisy environments like a gaming tournament, so you have heard clearly by your teammates. The headset delivers a bass-heavy sound profile that suits action-packed gameplay. But, they don't offer companion software or any gaming-oriented customization features. In case you want to start with an affordable option from ASTRO, the ASTRO A10 offers excellent value for money with the great build quality and matching performance.

ASTRO A50 استرو a50

This ASTRO Headset gives a sound and performance experience with the convenience and freedom that comes without wires. The A50 is a wireless headset for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC/Mac. It delivers top-of-the-line ergonomics, acoustics, and durability that professional gamers demand. It has the revolutionary ASTRO Gaming design providing absolute immersion with the A50 Wireless + base station.
The ASTRO has some popular gaming headsets that are tailored to a variety of gaming needs. The 4th generation ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless continues the line’s focus on wireless gaming and it uses a base station for easy charging and switching between PC and PlayStation.

Command Care Software:

There is free ASTRO Command Center software that provides players complete control over their audio experience including voice communication and game audio settings. It is accessible on Xbox, Mac, and Windows 10.

ASTRO Audio V2

The ASTRO Audio V2 gives a precise and smooth frequency spectrum for true-to-life, detailed, imaging and localization of sound for a competitive edge. The ASTRO A50 is a wireless headset with ASTRO Audio V2 technology, providing an immersive audio and sound experience. The blue and black mix is compatible with the PlayStation, Mac, and PC. Moreover, the green and the black mix are compatible with the PC, Xbox One, and Mac. 

Wireless Gaming Headset

The ASTRO A50 استرو a50 is a noticeably better gaming headset as compared to the wired A10. The A50 is better built, more comfortable, and has a more accurate out-of-the-box audio reproduction. On the other hand, the A10 has a better-sounding microphone, and its wired design means you don't have to worry about battery life. It comes with a wireless dock that offers convenient inputs and dock charging. The headset is compatible with the ASTRO Command Center.

Best Configuration Software

ASTRO A50 has all the controls straight onto the headset itself, and each button and the dial have good action. It has some of the best configuration software that gives you a wealth of control over sidetone volume, EQ modes, and firmware updates. Its built-in battery lasts up to 15 hours depending on the use.

Audio from Separate Sources

This headset is unique and allows you to mix audio from two separate sources without Bluetooth. You can just use it in USB mode on either Xbox or PC if your television doesn't support optical audio. Along with robust construction, subtle styling, high comfort levels, a great battery assembly, and the best sound in class, anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better set. If you have a good budget, and are on the hunt for a top-of-the-line gaming headset, The ASTRO A50 is the best choice.