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Antec Inc was founded in 1985 in America and immediately conquered the IT-technology markets of Canada and the United States. Antec entered the European market only after strengthening its position in the local market. In addition, during the formation of the company, attempts were made to enter the markets of Saudi Arabia, but due to the high cost of their goods, they were not crowned with success. Since the company immediately began producing premium computer components, it focused its attention on the European market. Currently, Antec, with a huge 25-year experience in the production of computer components, is trying to win over Saudi Arabian consumers.

ANTEC Technology and Innovation

The very wide range of products is not the only merit of Antec's developers. They also proposed technologies aimed not only at reducing noise levels but also at ensuring stable system operation. One of these technologies is Quiet Computing, which provides a significant reduction in vibration and noise levels, which affects the quiet operation of the system. For example, the speed of the fans is automatically adjusted depending on the heating of the entire system. To absorb vibration, silicone shock absorbers are provided in the system. Antec enclosures use the latest Fleet-Swap hard drive swap technology, which is a hot-swap hard drive enclosure.

Another innovative solution is the Fleet-Release module. This module includes a door, an adjustable backlit fan, and a button for adjusting removable filters. Thanks to such a system, any user can get quick access to disk drives. The company installs high-tech power supplies in Antec chassis, which have a hybrid cable connection system. All Antec power supplies are 80 PLUS certified, confirming their efficient operation with reduced heat generation.


ANTEC products

The Antec logo is used to produce low-noise power supplies, cooling systems, Antec cases, and various computer accessories. All company products are aimed at advanced users, professional modders, and connoisseurs of efficient, quiet, and high-quality computer technology. Antec's products are constantly on display at numerous computer exhibitions. This year, the Antec brand received the prestigious Computer Innovation Award. At the exhibition in Taipei, under the Antec logo, the world's first LANBOY AIR convertible case was presented, which has become a bold decision and is designed to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding users.

ANTEC advantages.

The benefits of Antec products are clear. All efforts of the company are directed to the production of high-quality computer components. At the same time, the Antec brand offers the user very economical products with low noise levels. Also, a clear advantage of this company over its competitors is modular products that are very easy to use. The power supplies have a unique voltage regulation technology and support the PWM mode, which controls the fan’s rotation. The convenient modular connection of additional cables makes them very popular among both ordinary users and advanced ones.

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